Boarding and Bathing

If you go on vacation and are unable to take your pets with you, let them stay with us at Northtown Animal Clinic for their own staycation! Our clinic in Jackson, Mississippi can accommodate your pets from the smallest kitten to the largest canine.

Our boarding facilities are climate controlled and are continuously maintained and supervised by our trained veterinary technicians. All guest pets are fed Hill’s Science Diet. Our staff monitors the appetite and urination/bowel movements of each boarded pet. If any problems are noted, or in the rare case of an emergency, Dr. Jeanes is just a woof or a meow away.

We want your pets to be happy and healthy while they are in our care, therefore your pets must be up to date on vaccines and they must be free of parasites. You can request that we bathe your pet while we have it in our care so that you can pick up a fluffy, clean fur baby to take home.

Call today to make a reservation for your pet’s stay. We fill up fast during the holiday season.